What is a keepsake?

A keepsake is a small present that you give to someone to remember or celebrate a person, place or happening. A token of friendship, affection or remembrance.

Here at Danique Keepsakes each keepsake is handmade and personally crafted to a high standard, then personalised with a name, date or verse to your liking, to create a unique keepsake gift or memory keepsake.

I have an extensive range of keepsake gift ideas: - 

This is usually a keepsake made from clothes, generally those baby or children’s clothes that were your or your child’s favourite and which are hard to throw away. With a bit of creative thought and sewing talent, I can turn these into a cute keepsake animal such as a memory teddy. Take a look at my shop to see the full range of animal memory keepsakes, you won’t be disappointed, they are ideal keepsake gifts for children or ideal keepsake gifts for Mum. This range is also popular as a baby keepsake or as a christening keepsake present.  

These are a personal sympathy gift which are usually crafted from items of the persons favourite or remembered clothing and are a tasteful memorial keepsake to help conjure up those fond memories. This in memory of keepsake often takes the form of a memory shirt pillow or cushion which are personalised to incorporate a message, verse and/or date, but other items of clothing can be used to make these bereavement pillows, just take a look at my shop to see my shirt pillows together with some other ideas. 

An ideal bride and groom present or anniversary wedding present, these keepsake cushions are a novel way to record the happy event or married life milestone. Take a look at my shop

A really novel and unique graduation present and very popular as an inexpensive congratulations gift to mark the occasion. This student graduation gift idea has proved popular as a fun celebration to mark the ‘class of’ university graduation year. Take a look at my shop

 Somewhat different from my Keepsake range but using my sewing skills to produce soft toy cubes and personalised stuffed animals which have proved popular as a baby shower gift or as a first birthday gift. Take a look at my shop

I hope you find what you’re looking for and feel free to email me or give me a call if there’s anything you wish to discuss.