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Do you want to turn your hobby into a profitable business?

Are you feeling lost when it comes to landing sales and visibility?

You have found your passion and that's amazing! You have created a product with your bare hands and your family and friends complimented how great it is. "You should sell it" they say. So you start to do just that! You set up socials, you take lots of pictures and you start posting about what you have created...but then nothing. Sales are not as consistent as you would like and you're not getting the income you desire. Safe to say, I have been there too.

I started a business, without even knowing that what I was diving into was actually small business. At first I believed I could make things and it would just sell. I believed that my family and friends would be rushing to buy my products and my passion for crafting would pay my rent. Five years later, I still sat there with this service that I was so passionate about providing people, but it just wasn't consistently selling.

You may be thinking, what did I do to start selling? That's exactly what I want to show you!

Previously I had done The Prince's Trust Business Enterprise course, so I went back to basics. I dived into educating myself in all aspects of business and from what I learnt I created a simple method and planned how I was going to sell. I'm not going to pretend I had overnight success, because that's not the reality and there's no faking it 'til you make it here! Part of my business growth has involved being real and honest and just been myself! I'm not going to sprinkle glitter on the facts and turn it into false statements that tell you that you will be an overnight sensation, but what I will do is take your hand and guide you, show you the way and be your support. It took me five years in business to realise where I was going wrong and I want to shorten that journey for as many people like me as possible. Personal development is the biggest investment you can make in business and it doesn't have to cost the earth either. Our creative minds deserve to be visible and we deserve people to invest in our art.

So, how can Dani (that's me) help you?

Crafts to Success VIP Membership offers you the pathway to success, which includes six steps to guarantee to set you up to be clear on what it is that you need to do to grow your craft hobby into a profitable business. Alongside this easily accessible course, that you can work on in your own time, you receive monthly masterclasses in all areas of business and group  goal setting accountability coaching. As a member you get access to an exclusive Facebook support group with weekly Q&A LIVES with additional help from me as your craft business mentor!

The CFS hobby to business builder gets you all access to the CFS VIP with 1 to 1 monthly coaching sessions with me, to really dive deep into helping you move forward with your craft business.


CFS VIP £30pm

Mentoring session £100

You pay £80pm!

Is one monthly session not enough? No problem! The hobby to business builder Pro is designed for those dedicated crafters who are ready to see growth in their business. Work with me as a pro and receive two 1 to 1 coaching sessions per month. 


CFS VIP £30pm

1 to 1 coaching sessions x2 £200

You pay £150pm

You don't need to commit, but you still need a little help? That's ok!

I do limited 1 to 1 mentoring sessions too. Book with me here and let me know when you're available.

Still not convinced? Here's what some of my clients have had to say...

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